After receiving a bachelor’s degree in fine arts in interior design from George Washington University and Master in Business Administration from University of Alabama at Birmingham, I have gained experience at several highly reputed firms in Washington D.C. I gathered invaluable knowledge by specializing in the management of complex multi-cultural projects and the work-place staffs and clients at international levels.  After I moved to Birmingham, Alabama for my husband’s work, I took some time off from my professional career and decided to be a mommy to spend time with my two lovely kids. However, during this period, I found the urge to use my inherent creativity rising more and often. An unexpected drive allowed me to reinvent myself and follow my passion in designing.

Handweave Jewelry line was created with the idea of making "one-of-a-kind" pieces for women that strive to express their own personal style. I started with vintage and antique pieces that are all connected with Nepal’s history and culture (the country where I grew up). The vintage pieces are then mixed with natural stones and beads which are all collected from Nepal to create the "new" stand-out jewelry. Every handmade piece has its own history and story to narrate.